Resilient Leadership

As a leader in today’s world, you’re dealing with unprecedented change and uncertainty. The demands are higher and you’re called upon to navigate unchartered territory and fuel energy in your team at all times, even when your own resources are depleted. 

This workshop will give you tools and techniques to build your personal resilience, so you can sustain high performance over the long term without cost to your health. You will also learn how to create a culture of resilience within your team, enabling individuals to grow through adversity and face challenges with greater adaptability.

Course Outline 

  • Resilience and adversity– a closer look at how you cope with challenges and how your resilience levels currently dip and rise
  • Performance and resilience – how they are linked, and what you can do to avoid burnout in yourself and others
  • Dealing with change – how to become more adaptable and flexible in the face of constant change and upheaval
  • Thinking tools – techniques to help shift your perspective and build your problem-solving mindset 
  • Resilient choices – how to incorporate the right habits so that you use your energy wisely and your resilience is protected when the going gets tough
  • Resilient behaviour – how to regulate your emotions and behaviour and demonstrate an approach that empowers and inspires your team
  • Create a resilient culture– a focus on the key components of a resilient team
  • Action – a plan to help you build your own, and your team’s, resilience over time

This is for you if

  • You want to feel better equipped to tolerate ambiguity and grow from challenges, rather than let them defeat you
  • You want to understand the link between high performance and resilience and how to capitalise on this 
  • You feel your wellbeing is being compromised, or your performance is declining as a result of a heavy and complex workload
  • You find it difficult to motivate and inspire your team at times of great challenge
  • You want to build a stronger, more resilient team